Using PC180 for Pump Splitting to Inject Multiple Wells

Profire Energy’s PC180 is the chemical management system (CMS) of choice for upstream chemical injection operations. It is an electronic control and monitoring system. It is compatible with almost all existing pumps and it can often utilize the chemical injection pumps already found in many well sites.

The PC180 controller can be set up to operate a single pump or multiple pumps. The single pump configuration can be modified to pump chemicals in multiple wells through a process called “pump splitting”. In this scenario, the pump has multiple injection points. The controller multi-tasks, using the same pump to inject chemicals into different wells through different injection points in a round-robin manner. The figures below demonstrate the mechanics of pump splitting.

The PC180 can be controlled remotely through the Modbus using the operator’s SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. From the comfort of the control room the operator can change the injection rate of any pump or injection points of the same pump in a pump splitting setup. The operator can also choose to override perpetual injection and shutdown injection at a pump or an injection point completely if required.

Using the PC180, Profire’s customers can achieve all the known benefits of CMS including using precise chemical amounts – not too much and not too little. They can also achieve smooth variance of injection rates with the changing well conditions.  The end result is saving money while solving production and maintenance issues.

Furthermore, pump splitting allows the use of one pump instead of many. Not only does the PC180 save in the cost of additional pumps, but also the maintenance and fuel expenses which are increasing due to the carbon tax in places like Alberta. Having only one pump also decreases the pollution footprint in the oil field, where stringent safety distances causes congestion problems which can lead to hazards. One pump is easy to set up and ideal to operate in a well pad where wells are close together. Remote control through SCADA enables the operators to control operations without exposing themselves to the hazards of the field. It also reduces transportation costs and loss of time as visits to the well site are reduced.

Profire Energy offers PC180 CMS solutions. Using the PC180 system, you can reap all the advantages of automated chemical management that have been discussed above. To learn more about our products and solutions visit